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Tips of Buy and sell second hand car

Ø Buy a car

1. Matters to pay attention when buying a second hand car

Whether the car loan or mortgage
Stolen cars – theft records
There have been more serious accidents. Such as car accidents, flooding, hail
With or without RWC (2 months / 2000 km), how long is the road right
If it is burning natural gas with or without Gas Certificate
To find a car factory to do before the vehicle inspection
Driver’s license need to find a NATTI certificate translation (Taiwan Office of the international driver’s license is not recognized)
Select the car is very important – easy to keep a car difficult to buy, consider selling the problem
Ask the seller to write a receipt
Consider budget: Transfer fee, stamp duty, insurance, roadside assistance

2. Where to Buy a Second hand car

A. Used car dealer

B. Private

C. Auction House

♦ Features of various channels:

-Used car dealers

§  Test and request to open to the depot to check

§ 1 day cooling-off period – deposit required

§ Warranty – legal warranty (less than 160,000 km / 10 years) and consumer warranty

§ Guaranteed ownership – no loans, no collateral

§ Soliciting Funds

-Private trading

§ no cooling-off period – the right not to refund your deposit

§ No warranty

§ Do not need to guarantee your ownership of property – PPSR, to confirm that the owner and car registration information is the same as the actual car

§ Can not claim financial compensation from the Fund

§ can be discussed with the owners to do before buying check

– Auction house

§ There is no way to try out

§ can not let the depot inspection

§ Not necessarily RWC

§ Not necessarily warranted

♦ Which channel is more secure

Consider Warranty – Engines, gearboxes, etc. (no consumables or electronic parts are included in the warranty)
Auction of high-risk, high car prices, private without warranty but cheaper to discuss everything
$ 5000 less private car trading is relatively safe, as compared to regular car dealers from the RWC probability is relatively high
Car dealers have a warranty, but often disputes, please consider your length of time in Australia
Black heart RWC more, to find a license to do the conscience of the RWC license to buy the most secure before the test

3. RWC check items and initial inspection of the car

                RWC too many items can not be fine-grained Most people can see are:

A. The seat belts are telescopic and normal, and both sides of the latches are damaged

B. Windshields, windows, mirrors, light shell and so on whether the rupture

C. Normal heating and cooling (must have one)

D. The window can be switched normally

E. Electronic, such as lights, sound, cigarette lighter, windows, rear-view mirror

F. Tire lines, whether there are cracks in the old, broken sidewall

G. If there is thermal insulation paper foam

H. Whether the hood or rear compartment is to be used with hydraulic jackets

I. Whether the test is normal

J. Whether the brush is clean, water spray is normal

K. Exhaust noise is quiet (modified except)

L. The body has no rust

♦ Recommendations

§ to find a car factory to do before the vehicle inspection

§ Choose to meet the needs of the car, small car costs small

§ avoid Europe and the United States Department of cars

§ The simpler the equipment = the less things will be bad

§ buy a car: who are strangers

§ with the private car with a license to make sure the body number and car information with the seller to provide the same certificate of registration

4. Documents required for transfer

A. Passport

B. 2 credit card or ATM card (must be the same as the passport name)

C. Address proof (bank statement, tax letter)

D. Fill in the transfer form and the new household application form (CRN equivalent driver’s license number

Ø Selling cars

1. The right to sell cars

Legal – Before you can advertise your car, you must:

A. Go to the depot to do RWC (if burning natural gas also need Gas Certificate)

B. The handwriting RWC needs to place the cover in a place where it can be seen

C. The electronic RWC must be electronically displayed when requested

Please also prepare the transfer table

2. Do not take the road to sell cars

A. No RWC required

B. When sold, the license plate should be removed and returned to the Department of Transportation

C. Can be sold to car dealers, waste car factory, scrap iron collection

3. Driving on the road and long-distance travel

A. To understand the Australian traffic regulations (FB fans have Queensland Chinese version)

B. Insurance and roadside assistance

C. Apply for electronic toll collectors

D. Regularly check the oil and water, lights, wipers, tire pressure, tire conditions (including spare tire)

E. Long-distance move before you look for depot inspection (reserved repair time)

F. Note that the water temperature gauge and dashboard warning light (FB fans have professional warning lights explain)

G. Know how to change the spare tire and confirm that there is sufficient tire change tool

♦ Sitelinks

· PPSR (Auto History Search): https://www.ppsr.gov.au/start-your-quick-motor-vehicle-search

· Transfer form: https: //www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/forms/QF3520/$file/F3520_CFD.pdf

· New home application form: https://www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/forms/QF3503/$file/F3503_CFD.pdf

· Claim Fund: https://www.qld.gov.au/law/your-rights/consumer-rights-complaints-and-scams/buying-products-and-services/buying-products/buying-a-used- Car / claim-for-financial-loss /

· Road access query: https: //www.service.transport.qld.gov.au/checkrego/public/Welcome.xhtml? WindowId = d13

· Queensland Traffic Code (English): http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Safety/Queensland-road-rules

· FB fan professional (Chinese traffic regulations in the album): https: //www.facebook.com/YJMotors/

Queensland Department of Transportation online account (ticket inquiries payment, to pay the right to change the address and contact information): https: //www.service.transport.qld.gov.au/tmrauthentication/public/TermsAndConditions.xhtml? ServiceName = TmrPortal & entryPage = /application/PortalHome.xhtml&clientSessionId=vL8pML9SGwsGnojVXPOkzJB&executionContext=qt&windowId=c3d

· Electronic filing fee application: https://www.govia.com.au/web/ssp/goviatag-signup

· Australian Car Dealer Website: http://www.carsales.com.au/


Insurance and road rescue:

RACQ: http://www.racq.com.au/
AAMI: https://www.aami.com.au/
NRMA: https://www.nrma.com.au/
Coles: https://apply.colesinsurance.com.au/motor/get-quote
Allianz: https: //www.allianz.com.au/
Budget: https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/
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